Custom Tattooing by Uncle Tim

Get tattooed in while in Monterey!

A History of the Brush...Kauai tattoo style talent!


Since I'm sharing a booth with Kenny Curtis and Dave Gibson this year in Long Beach I had to make a smaller 4x4 banner, (above) to share the draping.

All the banners you see behind me at the shows are hand painted and airbrushed by me with One Shot bulletin enamel. I used to have a sign shop called Sign Language for many years in Monterey Calif.

Old Studio13  Banner

  One I painted for the old shop. People don't realize just how much work goes into these things. This one took me 35 hours. Notice the faint border of skulls and crossbones around the entire banner. I did them with a cut-out sponge and blotted them on one by one. Banners are usally 4'X8' on vinyl.


T-Shirt Logos logo done with watercolor and colored pencil  on 140 lb. cold press to add texture for the background.

This beauty was done with colored pencil on Vellum for the 19th annual Tattoos and Blues in Santa Rosa, California. (my favorite show) 


I also do an occasional business logo or Tshirt design. This, (above) was done with colored pencil on tracing paper. (This was for the Tattoos and Blues show in 2005.)

This (above), was a tribute to Capt Don, our sword swallowing hero gone to the big circus tent in the sky. This was the t-shirt design for the Tattoo & Blues show 2008.

This one (above), was done with colored pencil on tracing paper for the Tattoo & Blues show 2009.

The colored pencil drawing below is for the upcoming 2013 Tattoos and Blues convention in Santa Rosa.






Hand Painted on Glass


This, I hand painted for my friends Robert Atkinson and Danielle Oberosler for their shop in California. Done with One shot on the inside of the window.


 Some of my later attempts at watercolor. I do love it despite how it comes out. Very soothing therapy for anybody, I think


A recent pencil and pen flyer, (above), for the upcoming 20 yr. anniversary of the Santa Rosa Tattoos and Blues Convention next year.

This one is a recent (11/09) watercolor painting for Skin and Ink magazine. Sometimes I think these Sugar Skulls are beginning to have a life of their own. This is water color on Crescent board. Bright, huh?

Old Watercolor Stuff


The above sheet is inspired by Kenny "Sluggo" Curtis who worked for me at the old Studio 13 in Salinas ,Calif. He was always tattooing flaming Bar B Ques and food related items on himself so I did this for him. The images all have names like "The Burger that Bites Back", "Mr. Cholesterol","Hot Rod Hot Dog" , "Death by Caffiene" and "Super Pickle". When I'm in the zone it flows freely for me. I laugh like a little kid when I do these. It's so much fun to let it all hang out. I've always like to play with color. I actually hated black and grey before I started tattooing. The demon above is my actual first blank and grey watercolor attempt. Not bad for a beginner, eh? I like to say..." I don't really know what I am doing but I'm having a great time!!!"

Airbrushed  Illusion

I was comissioned to do these by Granite Rock, a huge California construction company. They used them to slow people down around a construction site on the freeway. I painted them on  half-inch plywood and if you look close enough you can see two hinges on the tires. They fold up and slide into a pickup. We called them "officer plywood" and they worked well . Nobody was injured during the project.

Lots and Lots of %#!!%#@!!! Motorcycles!


I painted literally thousands of motorcycles. Billboards, Walls, Sho Cards, WindowsTrucks and Race cars, too. You name it, I painted it and/or pinstriped it!

Pencil Drawings

Our new business cards here at Blue Tiki Tattoo....YAAAAYYYY!!!! 

 When it get's slow, here at the shop, I'm always doodling up something. I still don't know why I put pink in the crown....yuck! Must have had a brain fart. The bird logo is a business card design I drew up at the old Studio 13 shop in Salinas, Calif. back in 2002. I have recently resurrected it for my new cards. More colored pencil on tracing paper.


Scribbles and Doodles


Above are watercolor experiments. Still trying and still learning. The dagger with the pink rose was done for my pal Justice Howard just because she asked for it.

(The above is another watercolor piece done for my pal Justice Howard)

Sometimes I just feel like being silly. (Again with the food thing.)Especially when I'm bored. Hey! Just because the shop is slow so no reason why my mind should be, right?  On a more serious note, the dagger piece on the left is another piece I did for Justice Howard for her "Diva Dolls" project. (A very hot collection of Greaser Babes.) Check out her site on the link above left corner.

Sometimes it's fun to scribble on big envelopes and suprise my friends. This was sent to Jason Willis at Tinta Cantina in New Mexico. I can't spell Albaquirky so fuck it!



 Some of this stuff comes out of necessity and some of it comes from boredom. The cigar smoking woodpecker is actually a perversion of the old Thrush Muffler logo called "Mr. Horsepower". He's actually a thrush and not a woodpecker like so many people believe. I have piles of this stuff laying around here and there. "Mr. Horsepower" here actually became a tattoo that you can see on my home page.