Custom Tattooing by Uncle Tim

Get tattooed in while in Monterey!

Odds and Ends



This was my view when I lived and worked in Bermuda the first time. You could actually take a string mop, twist it and pull lobsters out of the holes in the reef here. But if you got caught it was a 500 dollar fine. No, you couldn't tell the judge you were just trying to clean him up a little.

A lovely sunset from the front deck of my Mendocino home I used as a home base while I was island hopping the other side of the Americas. It was cold and wet and I loved every part of that coastline. The air was clean and crisp. Unfortunately there was no money to be made there so I moved permenently here to Kauai.

My good friend Erno. I wrote a feature about his guy's miraculous recovery from heroin addiction in the May 2004 issue of Skin&Ink magazine and became solid friends. He lost his right arm to gangrene while in a coma in the hospital. He came to in about 5 weeks completely detoxed after 10 years of heroin abuse. Unfortunately he died of a heart attack this year in April 2007. I loved this guy even though he still owes me about 2 grand. I miss him every day.

 I have no  

An awesome swimming hole I found off the Russian River just south of Ukiah, Calif. Taken with my little 4.0 camera. That day I had it all to myself. Too bad I didn't have my fishing gear.

Tropical Splendor


 A little 4x4 trip into the mountains, here on Kauai, gives you spectacular views not seen on any brochure. Absolutely breathtaking scenes like this keep me here. Lovely isn't it? And I didn't get stuck!

Day Off

 A day off. Taking a little kayak trip down the Kalihiwai River is good therapy. Not very long but slow and sweet. A short hike at the end to the waterfall. I could do this all day and I have. Bring a sammy and a drink and I'm good to go.

Godly Workings

 This was my view across the street from my Bermuda apartment the second time I lived there. The pink sand felt like silk on your feet. This area was called Jacob's Cove. It was in Warrickshire Longbay parish. Not far from here the movie Contact with Jodie Foster was filmed.

Shithole Central


Island splendor

This is one of my favorite places here on Kauai. It's called Mahalepu and it will simply take your breath away when wandering along the shoreline hiking trail. When the waters are calmer in the summer the snorkeling is excellent. It's a prehistoric trip back in time. Be careful or a hidden blowhole will suprise you by blowing saltwater up your pattotie.

Waimea canyon (below) is also an excellent way to waste a day with unique lanscaping by Mother Nature and Pele', the Fire Goddess!