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I will be tattooing at BLUE TIKI TATTOO in Hanalei, FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS (until April 12th, 2015 )

For those who want to get a tattoo while in Monterey, my new location, "The Morgue" is up and running in Carmel Valley, Calif. This location is by appointment only and has no regular hours. I am not advertising the location of "The Morgue" to protect the privacy of my clientele. Please call for consultation first. 

 If you want to keep informed, go to the Testimonials page and become a member to get on the mailing list. Or you can just keep checking the Calendar page.  As of December 26th, 2013, I am permanently moving to Carmel Valley, Calif. I will be working at "The Morgue" and for my old pals Steve Hendricks at Gold Coast Tattoo in New Monterey on Lighthouse Avenue and Kenny Curtis Tattoos in Marina on Del Monte Ave., off and on, to help them out. I will also be doing guest spots at various shops along the west coast so keep an eye on this page for a location near you. Of course, I will returning from time to time to Blue Tiki Tattoo in Hanalei.

Just call and make an appointment for a consultation and once we agree on the idea, I take a deposit and set the appointment. I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for understanding.

------Uncle Tim 

(310) 486-3197 


( posted 4/2/15) 



Sacred Rose Tattoo, Sundays through Wednesdays by appointment only...(for now)

1728 University Ave

Berkeley, Calif

Call: (510) 883-1083 for Appts. 

(or call me on my cell at (310) 486-3197) 

NOTE: I am having a great time here at Sacred Rose Tattoo. The folks here have made me feel welcome and the morale' has highly improved with the "changing of the guard" (so to speak) It's a great environment to get tattooed in. Gaytha, Karen, Zack, Trey,Mark, Buffy and Tom are virtual pool of talent and personality to swim in. I highly recommend getting tattooed here. 





Gold Coast Tattoo 

Monterey Calif. 

Thursdays through Saturdays. 

(831) 642-9404 



Kenny Curtis Tattoos 


3074 Del Monte Blvd.

Marina, Calif,

(off and on) 

(831) 883-8345 









FYI: Besides being a place for dead bodies, the term "Morgue" is also a term for an inspirational reference library used by writers, musicians, sign painters and other artists.  :-)