Tribal Explorations Tribal Explorations Family Crest A simple but important design 24621748 8 hour back piece Added to existing design 24621750 Shoulder Bomb A very strong result 24621751 Custom Chest Piece impressive and strong. (Added on to an existing piece.) 24621752 Tribal Manta Snuck some Tikis in there 24621754 Scary Honu Clean and simple 24621755 Snazzy Ray My personal favorite. A tweaked out Tricia Allen design. 24621756 Around the Beast Fills up the deltoid nicely 24621757 Sore chest Joint project 24621758 Different approach Sometimes a nice soft look is appropriate. Notice the waves within the shark. 24621768 Iron Testicles This was very difficult and very tedious. He brought the designs and I had to apply them to his face. 24621770 ongoing project Another session for Damian. As difficult as this was I really enjoyed the results. Very satisfying. 24621771 Open and airy A nice way to honor Mom 24621772 Family Tribute Fills up shoulder well 24621774 Frigate birds Lovely foot tattoo 24621775 Asian mix Iban vs Polynesian vs Japanese 24621776 Leg Piece Nice oval shape to fit the calf. Several elements in use. 24621778 Tribal add on A bold addition to an existing piece. 24621779 Aztec flavor A work in progress. As soon as I can chase this guy down we can finish it. 24621780 Swirly blend Neo/polynesian tribal combo 24621781 Tiki Sun Evil sprits not allowed here. 24621782 Honu Art Playing around with a common idea. 24621783 handful of pride Sharktooth design by Uncle Tim 24621784 Leg Piece Tribal elegance by Uncle Tim. A Marquesian influence. 24621785 Give us a hand! A mix of several cultures for a different flavor. 24621786 Kuae Bird Tribal backpiece 24621787 Honu shell design Open airy honu shell design. 24621788 Tribal bouquet I'm having fun doing this combo. 24621790 Hot foot Feminine yet bold swirly whirleys. 24621792 Clean and crisp chest plate Family imagery goes to heart 26422910 Royal design Powerful sleeve design. Taken from King Kamehmeha's leg. 32955455 Rakc 'em and stack 'em! An additon to an ongoing shoulder piece. 32955458 Tribal Arm Piece fills up the arm nicely 40749211 Swirly Tribal Always new ways to do things 41707559 Tribal Cross the Independant cross done Poly-tribal style 55542313 Hot foot! Tribal foot design by Uncle Tim fits perfectly! 60975808 Mixed Salad Sure! A little color for the flowers brighten up this Tribal leg peice by Uncle Tim 60975810 Bali Hai wave Turtle A little black and grey scenery added 66946825 Surfing Gecko Give the tourists something a little different. I took this idea and added my touches to it. 66946827 Swimming with pride Yet another way to tribalize an Uncle Tim shark 68854939 Floral shark Lovely addition to her shoulder by Uncle Tim 68854940 Alien Tribal I don't know about you but if I see this thing anywhere near me...I'm getting the fuck outta here! 72887670 Two Face Tiki I love doing these. They're so friggin cool, I can't stand it. 75389518 Toe job I lovely swirling tribal foot design. 77700299 Rustic lettering A tribal feel to his daughter's Hawaiian name. 77700300 Poly tribal leg [iece A perfect fit! 78706663 Sun Turtle Fits the deltoid perfect! 78706664 Shoulder Elegance'! Poly Tribal shoulder piece by Uncle Tim 78706665 Color Poly Tribal? Uncle Tim pisses off the old guard again. 88189281 Armband one round and round we go 88189283 Armband two 88189284 Armband three 88189285 Armband four 88189286 turtle and flowers nice combinations for a pretty tattoo 89528462 Something different This one breaks down the boundries a bit. 5 and half sitting. brave girl! 98085266 Gecko and shark something to take home 89528463 Tribal circle This shows how you can mix Poly Tribal with just about anything. 98085267 Poly Tribal addition I added the outside to an existing Neo Tribal leg piece. Rounded off some of the spikes to make it all match. 98085268 Tough guy This guy sat for 8 hours straight. 130194463 Tough guy Front. Still in progress. 130194464 shoulder piece fun fun fun.... 130194465 A little red to spice it up a bit 130194466 Larry... 130194467 Moe.... 130194468 Curly....nyuk nyuk nyuk! 130194469 Poly shoulder This piece was designed to fit this New Yorkers evolving state of being. Lots of action is this one. 133604954 Gecko Hammerhead combo Simple and strong 133604955 Poly Marlin I love the placement on this one. It matches the curve of his neck and the roundness of his deltoid. 133604956 Dos Sharkos I do a lot of these and this is another way to do it. 133604957 Poly-Octo A fun exploration of wavy shapes. 133604958 Lobster lovers. A cute tattoo to make a heart when their feet are together. 133604959 Twin Trouble I think these are great design ideas. I added the octopus tentacles to fill in some of the negative. Gives it kind of a wave like effect. 133607149 Poly tribal Sun. The client drew this while sitting on the beach here in Hanalei Bay. All I had to do was clean it up a bit. Nice job! 133607151 Tribal bouqet. Thes are always fun. the black really pops the colors out. 133607152 Fun addition A manta ray shaped addition to an existing honu. 133607153 WTF??!! Earth wind fire and water. A fun fusion shoulder piece. 133607154 Psycho-Tiki! I spiced up this one by adding a poly tribal style surfboard. One of my all time favorites. 133607156 Soft and smooth A fun ankle piece 134090521 In progress First step in a poly fusion piece on my buddy Jeff the Chef. 134090522 Poly foot piece A nice design I did at the Calgary show in 2012 170499492 Repeat customer This woman keeps coming back for more. A nice poly fusion piece to fill up the outside of her thigh. 170499493 Chest plate. This was designed to celebrate the birth of his first son. 170499494 Calf piece Fills up the calf nicely. 170499495 Chest plate These three photos are of the same tattoo done on the same day. 170499496 Shoulder rocker Poly fusion 170499497 Rear shoulder various Polynesian cultures influence this piece. 170499498 God of sore ribs A Polynesian fusion of various island influences, 170499499 Marquesian Leg sleeve Exploring various Marquesian components on my friend Sean 170499500 Poly Manta Rey I like the way this swirls around the shoulder. 170499972 Ka-Boom! Notice how the flower contrast against the black yet remains feminine. 170499973 Poly Shoulder piece Another nice way to fill up the outside arm. Many different elements in this one. 170499974 Octo-poly A polynesian tribal Octopus. sure! Why not? 170499975 Poly Honu Always fun designing and tattooing these 170499976 A Poly Tribal Pit Bull An odd request, but, really fun to do! 170499977