BLUE TIKI TATTOO BLUE TIKI TATTOO Ching Young Village, Hanalei Upstairs, in the back 23908921 Another Hanalei day Great place to have a tattoo shop. Photo by Uncle Tim 23908922 Home sweet home All the comforts of island living> Photo by Uncle Tim 23908923 Soothing sights Kilauea watefall photo by Uncle Tim 23908924 Bamboo Floral by Uncle Tim A very nice soft look 23908925 In the zone Uncle Tim at work 23908926 Unhappy Camper Waddaya mean no tip? 23908930 Cowgirl by Uncle Tim Shell make ya shoot, podnuh. 23908931 Sugar Skull by Uncle Tim What are you looking at? 23908932 Leaf Man by Uncle Tim This is what happens when you smoke too much pakalolo. 23908933 Tiki by Uncle Tim Keeps the developers away. 23908934 Sugar Skull by Uncle Tim Done in Pomona, July 07 23908935 Smokey Soft Black and Grey rib piece by Uncle Tim 23908941 Surfs not the only thing thats up Shoulder piece by Uncle Tim 23908944 Movie Star in Training Portrait by Uncle Tim,(not the lettering) 23908945 Rest in Peace Memorial portrait by Uncle Tim 23908946 Opeakaa Falls A popular view of the fabled waterfall. Photo by Uncle Tim 23908947 Na Pali Coast A view of the famed Kalalau Valley from the top of Kokee. Photo by Uncle Tim 23908948 Tropical splendor One of my favorite chillaxin spots just past tunnels beach. Photo by Uncle Tim 23908949 Where did Ieave the car? The jungle eats anything... especially Beemers. Photo by Uncle Tim 23908950 Jesus Cloud Action! Halleluja! Shot from a Princveille cliff by Uncle Tim in 2005 23908952 Lovley Lady Cant leave Kauai without a Hula Girl by Tim! 23908953 Calling All Angels Black and grey by Uncle Tim 23908954 Same yet different another option by Uncle Tim 23908955 Sharks teeth A popular Hawaiian design by Uncle Tim 23908956 Kanji in the breeze Japanese stylings by Uncle Tim 23908957 Sugar skull by who else.....Uncle Tim! 23908958 To the boys Tribute tattoo by Uncle Tim 23908962 Mom and Pop More sugar skulls by Uncle Tim 23908963 The King Portrait by Uncle Tim 23908964 Seniorita Mermaid Black and Grey by Uncle Tim 23908966 Floral Elegance by Uncle Tim Lovely flowing rib piece 23908967 Freaky Tiki Strong and solid by Uncle Tim 23908968 Coverup BEFORE Cover up by Uncle Tim 23908970 Coverup AFTER Results by Uncle Tim 23908971 Cardinal Rule Lovely native bird by Uncle Tim 23908972 Underwater Treasure A lovely bumper Sticker by Uncle Tim 23908974 Coochie Coo Humorous piece by Uncle Tim 23908975 Cover up BEFORE Coverup by Uncle Tim 23908976 Cover up AFTER Cover up by Uncle Tim 23908977 Chest plate Japanese stylings by Uncle Tim 23908978 Cultural mix Tribal elegance by Uncle Tim 23908979 Zip Code Some of Uncle Tims famous lettering. 23908980 Chinese Fighting Fish Some Asian flavor on the ribs 40749646 Sleeve project Second session 23908981 Big Mouth Bass colorful underwater creature 40749647 Hula Honey yet another Uncle Tim beauty 23908982 Angel Fish Lovley tranquil rib piece 40749648 Island Imagery Uncle Tim Sealife piece 23908983 Souvenir Ink Uncle Tim twists the usual idea 23908984 Foo dog A classic design by Uncle Tim 41707348 Dagwood Sammich A hilarious tattoo by Uncle Tim 23908986 Crowned Sugar Skull another of Uncle tims famous sugar skulls 41707349 Red Tiki My favorite tiki 55543703 Touch of realism A blend of old and new by Uncle Tim 23910389 Yet another Uncle Tim Hula Girl Always a little different each time. 23910390 Hot foot! A little japanesey touch to a pretty foot 55543705 Uncle Tim Krazy Koi Always a different way to do a normal idea. 23910391 Abstract Floral leg piece Never fails to do the same thing a different way. 55545128 Uncle Tim Evil Dolphins Who needs blue when you have black, grey, red and white? 30786590 Flamage by Uncle Tim I just love green flames 30786591 Viva USA and NORWAY!!! A sexy tattoo in a sexy area. 55545130 Simple swallows Black and grey by Uncle Tim 30786592 Punkin Head A very cool Early Eddy Deutsche design Uncle Tim style 55545131 Mastectomy Scar a plan is laid out 55545133 What Mastectomy? Fly in the face of all convention. Damn the toprpedoes...full speed ahead! 55545132 Black and grey Hanja Sleeve in progress 55547786 Classic Dragon A classice design done ala Uncle Tim 55547787 Tiki godess A Tihoti design doen by Uncle Tim 55547788 Sugar skulls rock! Another Uncle Tim sugar skull 67846134 Glory of Buddha Colorful Buddha by Uncle Tim 82760726 Lovely Lass Pirate Sugar Skull by Uncle Tim 82760727 Sticky Fella Climbing Gecko by Uncle Tim 82760728 Light hearted bouquet Floral leg arrangements by Uncle Tim 82760729 Koi chest plate 1st session of 2 by Uncle Tim 82761999 The winner! A racing tattoo for my pal Jessica! 89530588 Glowing Buddha An inside arm piece by Uncle Tim 89530591 Swirly whirly dragonfly fun fun fun 134092225 sweet thing Lovely lady lovely tattoo 134092226 tribal bouquet nice rib piece 134092227 its only the beginning.... 173652530 detail is insane. AMAZING shading...white highlights 173652531 1st Uncle Tim tatt.... 173652532